Wednesday, June 4, 2014

D-Cup Bathing Suits at J. Crew

I already posted a review on the retail site, but I have a few words about J. Crew suits for those of us in the D-Cup bathing suit range. For many years, J. Crew has been one of the few retailers that I could actually purchase a bathing suit from that had a D-Cup option. I am a 32DDD to 34DD size, and J. Crew has always had more than a few options for me, that have been stylish and fit really well.

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a new swim suit for the summer, in the Photo Floral print, in a size 8 D-Cup. I was so excited for it to arrive and I received it today.

The sizing was consistent to what I have purchased in the past, but one thing was a deal breaker for me...the straps! The straps would just not stay hooked onto the bathing suit. I tried crossing the straps in the back,  tried them hooked (normally) over each shoulder, and finally tried attaching them as a halter top,  and they would not stayed attached. Nothing worked! To be quite frank, when you are D-Cup size, you need straps!!!! The strapless option does not work for me. This is the first time, that this have EVER been a problem, with a D-Cup bathing suit I have ordered from J. Crew. The hooks would not stay put, no matter what I did. Bathing suit FAIL! :(

Sadly, my new suit will be returned to the retail store, this weekend. I have looked at my other options, and I will be replacing it with the one option I know will work, the Ruched Halter Tank in a solid color. I have the same suit from two years ago in this style, and it is almost always a perfect fit!  I would have liked to buy and wear a new style this summer. However, my options are limited, due to these removable straps being included on most of the D-Cup bathing suits offered this year.

Hey J. Crew, how about making more options (including more prints) for larger chested girls? It is just a suggestion!  That being said, everything else about this bathing suit was perfect. Beautiful print, fabric and style. I am jealous of all the people lucky enough to make this bathing suit work for them.

I will just have to enjoy the Photo Floral print, in the skirt I bought, earlier this spring. Happy shopping!