Thursday, August 22, 2013

J.Crew Houndstooth Tippi & New Arrivals

I checked out the new arrivals at the store last night. Specifically, I was searching for the Houndstooth Tippi sweater that is currently not available online.  I tried it on both colors, the navy and hunter green. Here are quick photos of both:

Personally, I like the top version, in hunter green and that is the color I purchased last night. The fit of this is very similar to my other Tippi sweaters, it is true to size, fitted and really comfortable. In particular, I like the larger houndstooth print detail on the shoulders.

I bought the Excursion vest in Saddle and the much beloved  Horsing Around Sweatshirt. I had to size down in the Excursion vest since it runs a bit big. I found the sweatshirt to be true to size, but it is definitely a more fitted sweatshirt and NOT a relaxed fit like some of the other sweatshirts I have purchased from J. Crew in the past.  Quick photo of both together:

I really liked some of the other new roll outs, but I am waiting for some of them to come down in price before I spend more. Now, if only the weather would cool down in Los Angeles, so I can wear them! :)

Happy Shopping!


  1. Saw your post over at JCA. Thanks so much for the reviews. I really wanted to see what the houndstooth sweater looked like and I appreciate the details as to sizing.

  2. No problem! I saw a lot of people asking about the color and fit, and luckily I happened to take photos. Hopefully, this was helpful!

  3. Nice to see another fellow JC fashionista in the LA area. Thanks for the heads up in the sizing of the Excursion vest. Looks like you made some pretty cool purchases! Enjoy the long weekend :)

  4. How much is the houndstooth tippi going for?

  5. $98- Its now on the J.Crew website. It was part of the new mini-rollout today.

    T.ags-Thanks! It is nice to know there is another JC Aficionada in LA. :)

  6. Any interest in selling your vest?